Monday, July 10, 2006

Hot. Head hurts.

After work today I got one of the worst headaches in my life. I've never had a migraine before (to my knowledge), but this had some of the hallmarks. (I learned a few of the symptoms when I lived with Deep Blue and the late J [R.I.P.], who suffered terribly, back in Little Canada). My pain wasn't excruciating or even debilitating, but the constant sharp throb kept me aware of little else and literally made me feel nauseous. I tried to relax and watch TV, but the light and noise of "MI-5" irritated me, so I turned it off.

Then my AC went out, and that's no fun in Dallas in July. Within an hour it was above 85 degrees in my house.

Oh, poor pathetic pitiful me. What a whiner. Anyway, I soldiered on bravely and despite it all managed to write about 800 words or so, watch a crappy video presentation on teaching the mechanics of writing, and finish a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation. Thank goodness. This last assignment was meant to be an Electronic Wriitng Portfolio, made up of excerpts of writing over this past semester, with commentary, all to speak to how I stand as a student and a prospective teacher. I approched the assignment cynically, as I always do, but in the end I suprised myself and ended up being kind of proud of what I put together.

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