Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm working

Due to the lack of class last week and my drunken revelry on the weekend, crunch time has come and I'm busy catching up on three days' worth of assignments. In lieu of an interesting post, here is a handy tip:

Are you tired of living in a dirty house? Your house will be as clean as you want it if you follow these easy steps:
1. Register at a school. It doesn't have to be fancy: Ivy Lagues, State U., or community college all work.
2. Wait until homework, readings, or projects are assigned.
3. Force yourself to sit down and do the work.

Wow! Suddenly, the fact that your carpets haven't been vacuumed in a week, which you've barely noticed until now, really grates on you. And shouldn't you do those dishes before cracking the books? I mean, you'd hate to cram all night and then wake up bleary-eyed and in a rush in the morning, only to have to face all that clutter. And hey --- is that a spot on the countertop? Oh, it won't wipe away, eh? How about a little bleach and scrubbing? That's better. Now to hit the books. Wait a second --- is that a cobweb up there over the desk?

Voila! Your house is clean. You, however, are screwed.


United We Lay said...

That sounds incredibly familiar. I can't wait for that to kick in with my husband. We have a baby on the way and his classes start in September.

Jules the Crazy said...

i am AWESOME at procrastination-cleaning! regulation cleaning, not so much. heh. good luck!

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

I understand. Right now I'm supposed to be posting a response on a discussion thread for a class I'm taking. Instead I'm here with you. A few minutes ago I was cleaning of kitchen cabinets to avoid my assignment. I'm worse than my students, and that's pretty bad.

Take you mind off your troubles by stopping by my place.....I'm celebrating my 100th post. Bring your friends----the more the merrier.