Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm just an old iconoclast

Ah, the Fourth of July. Time for jingoism, fireworks, beer, barbecue and frisbee on the lawn.

But not for me.

I ate sushi, drank green tea, watched "Jeopardy" with my father, and the only time I saw a firework was from my car as I drove to the bar. Wearing a T-shirt with Native American imagery on it.

At the Hangout, I played video golf and other games with the Friar. A bunch of the old barflies, including Fat and Tall among several others, joined us at the end of the evening to form the All-Time Greatest Music-Trivia Supergroup and get the highest score ever seen!

Except we didn't. Possibly a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth, or we're not quite as know-it-all as we like to think we are.

I had nice phone conversations with Maddening Angel and Waitress T, two beautiful, funny girls that I'm happy to call my friends.

And throughout the evening an exceedingly pretty and, as the evening wore on, a progressively-drunker girl played the trivia games with Friar and I. Like a lot of girls when under the influence, she was quite friendly, calling me cute, touching a lot, admiring my biceps, and, at once point, rubbing my cheeks until her thumbs entered my nostrils. Okay, she was pretty drunk. And though I'm wise enough to know that this attention is meaningless from one so inebriated --- and that in the cold sober unflattering light of day I'm a decidedly unappealing guy in terms of looks --- it's a simple masculine fact that a fellow will enjoy the flirting of a pretty, vivacious girl wheresoever it may be found.

So I had a fairly nice Fourth. I hope you all did too.


elementaryhistoryteacher said...

I enjoyed your holiday recap....isn't it great we live in a place where we can all celebrate in our own special way? :)

United We Lay said...

I'm glad you had a good time. We saw fireworks, but otherwise did nothing major out of the ordinary. We attended a protest and burned a flag.