Friday, July 28, 2006

Measuring with coffee spoons

"What a terribly long time we’ll be dead; it seems a shame to waste even a second of life on needless negativity."

I wish I were predisposed to live that sentiment.


As part of my ongoing project of interest to no one, possibly not even my own future hypothetical self, below are detailed the graphic novels I bought since last time, along with price paid.
  • Lucifer v. 8: The Wolf Beneath the Tree - $15
The original fallen angel makes the rest of creation fall in line with his Machiavellian schemes. Fantastic. Mike Carey can do no wrong with this series; easily one of the best of the Vertigo line.
  • Preacher v. 2: Until the End of the World - $15
I received the first volume of this series in a comic swap, read it, and was appalled. Not only is it about a preacher, his assassin girlfriend and a vampire out to confront God about what a poor job He's done with the world, it's soaked with brutal, over-the-top gory violence. It made me feel weird, uncomfortable things much the same way that Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers did: paranoid and shaky and needing to remind myself that this was exaggerated, cartoonish violence meant to make a point about the state of the human condition, not necessarily a realistic depiction of evil. As I say, I was appalled --- and I wanted more. So I immediately went out and bought the second volume. Not long after, I was at Half Price Books, where I saw:
  • Preacher v. 3: Proud Americans - $8
  • Preacher v. 4: Ancient History - $8
  • Preacher v. 5: Dixie Fried - $8
It was like a sign from above! The two volumes I already owned were nowhere in sight. They had only the next three books. So I snapped them all up. Along with...
  • Queen & Country: Blackwall (hardcover) - $8
Greg Rucka writes a damn good British spy story. In fact, I think the BBC nicked some of his ideas for the "MI-5" show.
  • Human Target v. 1: Strike Zones - $5
Christopher Chance impersonates people --- marked men, blackmail victims, the hunted --- and rights injustice, or at least tries to. I already had the second book in this series, so was familiar with the concept and liked it. Good solid action/spy/noir adventure. Not exactly a timeless classic, but well worth five bucks, and it would make a terrific TV series. Too bad 99% of television is moribund and desiccated when it comes to interesting ideas.

Seven TPB's purchased in the last month or so at an average price of $9.60. Not too bad.

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