Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sapient search results

Everyone who blogs does this at least once, I think. I've never done it, and having a bit of free time today, thought I'd try my hand at the eye-rollingly bland "Search Terms Post." Sure to catch on like wildfire any day now.

why does hindu elephant snap off his tusk

Do Indians remove elephants' tusks in real life? If so, I guess it's to make them marginally less dangerous for the mahouts. I know why Ganesh snapped off his tusk: to use as a pen so he could write the Mahabarata. I posted about a great primer on some of the more well-known Ganesh myths.

portugeese comic trip

Huh? Use of the deliberate malapropism "Portugeese" will get you here, but I'm not sure what these terms are searching for.

bbc pride and prejudice

The five-hour miniseries with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle is a faithful adapatation, full of period costumes and manners, wit and drama and smoldering looks across salons as men in silly coats play cards and women tickle the piano keys.

sapient mcduck

Well, that gets you here (a rather droll post, if I do say so myself, and one which proves I have a scanner). But again, the actual search terms kind of puzzle me.

cambourne's condition of employment

In the education field, a guy named Brian Cambourne listed seven conditions of learning. "Employment," sometimes called "Use," is one of those conditions. It dictates that in order to learn, stduents need to be allowed time to participate in activities that develop their skills. If you don't use it, you lose it --- so stay on-task, kids!

"double knit strangers"

I get a few lyric searches now and then due to my now-lapsed habit of beginning every entry with a (sometimes marginally apt) quotation from a song. I may start that up again. Or not. In any case, this is a line by the unparalleled Tom Waits, in his paean to the broken-hearted denizens of dives and greasy spoons, "Warm Beer And Cold Women."


French for "to grope." Just like the President did to Angela Merkel! Haw! What a rube! No, actually, I'm not with a lot of the lefty bloggers on this one. Yes, Bush is a frat-boy oaf with no sense of personal space and even less sense of formality or decorum ("Hey, Blair baby, let's go kick some ass! Heh heh! You leavin'? Want some of this cornbread?"). And here are the photos to prove it. But I don't see any sexual or gender debasement here. He's just a dumbass out of his depth, thinking he's still at the Delta kegger. At worst, he's just reminding these damn furriners that Merkins rule the world still. My opinion anyhow.

green arrow and hawkeyes arrows

I wrote a fight between these two, which was one of the worst entries in my "superhero fights" blog. The others are a lot funnier. Anyway, yeah, these two guys have trick arrows. There's the infamous boxing glove arrow, the gas arrow, and --- well, Scipio can probably fill you in on the Emerald Archer's best ones.



Kipling's poem about Thugee

Did he write one? I don't know. I have posted reviews of Kipling's books here and here, and written about the practice of Thugee (serial killing in the name of Kali) here.


Hey, that was more fun than I thought it would be. I feel cleansed and purified now, as though I had undergone great trials. This bond having formed between us, let us do lunch sometime.

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