Thursday, September 27, 2007

A nation of the unemployed

Today's thought-provoking question at circle time was "If you could be any kind of building, what would it be?" The kids gave great answers like hospital, art museum, library and (bizarrely) casino. Man, kids really do surprise you. As for me, I thought I might want to be a hotel, but I'd hate to witness all the loneliness and pain found in hotels. I'd rather want to be, say, a bridal suite --- where only people who delight in each other's company go.


Two girls approached Ms. L today while we were lining up for something or other. Kid A said, "When will the work get harder?"

Kid K said, "Yes, it's too easy. I can spell cat and hat," she added with a slight touch of derision.

This is, remarkably but perhaps all too predictably, perhaps the fifth child in four weeks who has requested of me or the teacher more and harder work in school. As I watch the teacher give endless iterations of examples of the work, or lead the class over the entire worksheet before the students are to do it at their desks, I don't blame them. I'm just surprised, and a little sad, that they haven't yet caught on that public education will kill their innate curiosity and desire to learn.

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