Sunday, September 16, 2007

That's what friends are for

Maddening Angel and I had made tentative plans to go hiking, but I was feeling slightly anxious about preparing for my interview at Prestigious Private (I've been trying to pretend to myself that my future happiness and confidence doesn't rest upon this opportunity) . Sensing my panic, she very kindly called a couple of library branches on my behalf, got the librarians to find and pull some books on my theme, and then drove me to the two places to pick them up.

We had lunch together at a trendy new Mexican place in her parents' neighborhood. I had delicious fish tacos in blue tortilla shells. MA never eats fish tacos because she says they evoke images of eating smelly pussy. Sorry. Just reporting.

She's recently broken up with her latest boyfriend (he did something crazy, but she was getting tired of him anyway). She said she planned on being celibate for a while. I said, "Sure, until you meet a tall guy who plays bass and treats women like shit. Then you'll think, 'That's the guy for me!'"

It's a good thing she has a pal like me to tell her these important truths about herself.

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Churlita said...

What an awesome friend. I love her take on fish tacos. Hilarious.

Dating someone with real issues definitely makes you want to take a break for a while.