Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where are the eagles and the trumpets?

Went out to dinner with Cousin and Aunt. I paid Cousin $2000 of the three K he lent me in January. I tried to get Cousin to come with me to the Hangout, but he hates smoke and the Friar, so didn't. I did, it being Friar's third birthday celebration of the month. A bunch of us walked over to another bar later that night, which due to someone's presence involved a little bit of finesse, for reasons I'd better not disclose. In all events, here are some of the people I talked to this weekend and a factlet or two about each of them.

Epalg. Her stepfather had a minor role in a Robert Altman movie.

Gunner. She appears in the video for a song by an indie chart-topping band.

Sonar. He just got back from touring Germany. His gorgeous wife is pregnant. This will be their third child.

Mr. Hangout. He doesn't much like his wife (which explains his distance from her and his philandering). They got married only only because she was pregnant.

Anacreon. He is acting director of his museum. His wife has gotten a very good position at the premier K-12 private school in the city.

K. Fresh out of law school, she's accepted her first job at a law firm.

Me. I am freaking out.

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