Monday, December 24, 2007

Fragrance and passionless music woven as one

Cousin is in town for Christmas. We looked at apartments a few days back, and I was all set to move, but then had second thoughts. Or got cold feet. It didn't seem like a convenient place to have a dog (there's lots of walking area, but no enclosures, and I'd have to live on the first floor). That in addition to the recent health issues gave me pause. I don't know if I want the stress of moving and the worry about cooping up poor Dog all day once work starts up. I do want to move to a nicer place, but I think maybe I can wait and look harder for a place with a little yard, maybe a duplex. Hard to do in a nice area in my price range. I may just be making excuses and being lazy.

I saw Charlie Wilson's War with my father, aunt and cousin. I think the reviewers who scorn the film for its slapstick humor have a point; the levity does sometimes distract from, or seem inappropriate to, the solemn occasions of the scenes. However, I think the film as a whole is a success. Solid acting, a tight script (with very little of the trademark Aaron Sorkin banter), a timely and important political statement, adept direction, and a concise running time. All factors that will help ensure that the public sees and absorbs the film rather than shunning it as a bloated and heavy-handed "message" movie.

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