Friday, December 14, 2007

The World News, in Pictures

It appears that Jordan is planning an invasion of Israel by suicide camels. Israeli soldiers are advised to shoot on sight.

South Korea is hoping the western world will embrace its newest culinary export, General Hebei's Sour Petroleum Duck.

Jack Frost and few of his buddies got together and did unspeakable things to Lincoln. The victim's shame is captured in this harrowing image taken seconds after the assault ended.

The late Ike Turner's reputation as a musician is rightly overshadowed by the fact that he was first and foremost a total pimp, as evidenced by this photo. "Git that camera out my face before I bitch-slap you, fool!"

In a move met with near-unanimous approval worldwide, Albania recently rejected a proposal to superimpose the face of an aggrieved peasant onto its flag.

In India, a holy man's magical leg was cut off by thieves in a brutal attack. Here, a rival holy man mocks the unfortunate victim, showing that he has an extra leg that he's not even using and just carries over his shoulder, but he's not sharing.

In Brussels for an ostensibly political summit, leaders of Western European countries flirt and giggle shamelessly, thumbing their noses at America's Puritan ways.

Meanwhile in South Korea's parliament, men of honor and wisdom practice democracy, always tolerant of the opposition's viewpoint and right to expression.

This poor Chinese girl was born with one leg and a foot for a head, but in a demonstration of the power of modern oriental medical skill, today she can compete in the Pan-Asian jump-roping competition just as well as any traditionally-headed athlete.

Finally, US president George Bush and other administration leaders were outraged today to find that a little girl in Baghdad is apparently well-clothed, having a rudimentary sort of fun, and not dead yet. The White House vows to investigate.

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