Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Like a soap opera

A while back --- oh, about thirteen years gone now --- I was suspended from the college I would eventually go on to graduate from for committing an act of assault with a deadly weapon. I was escorted off campus by security, and forbidden to return until they decided my fate. (Okay, I'll tell you: within a few days, I was given a hearing of my peers. They decided I shouldn't be allowed on campus except to go to classes, I'd never live on campus ever again, plus my final status would be decided by a mandatory psychiatric evaluation. But I digress.) With nowhere to go --- and in the days before cell phones --- I showed up unannounced at the door of the vast multi-roomed house where my best friend lived with about seven other students. He allowed me to sleep on the couch of the living room, which I'm not sure went over very well with the other occupants of the house, as they almost certainly weren't consulted. Anyway. That very night, as I sat in his room wondering whatever would become of me, my best friend went to go have a one-night stand with the woman who would, about three years later, become my lawfully wedded wife. I later heard that he actually did not consummate this one-night stand, as he couldn't, in his words to her, "get it up." On the way back to the house where I now slept fitfully, in the early morning, my best friend got into an accident with a special ed school bus full of excitable kids, who freaked out.

Sometimes my life seems weird to me. Also, I have no idea why I wrote this post. Just not wanting to talk about the things happening right now, I guess.

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Churlita said...

Wow. that could be a David Lynch film if you added a dog with an arm in it's mouth.