Monday, December 10, 2007

Man, it's so loud in here

I went to Prestigious to set up my email account and web calendar, and got my ID badge that says "FACULTY" and opens all the magnetic locks on the doors. It made the job seem more close and tangible, less just an idea. It feels so real, I can feel the feeling. I got a little bit of an unwelcome vibe from just one or two people; most people were very nice. Like Friar says, you'll get that at any new job, especially from people who don't have your new status. "What makes the new guy so special that he gets an ID card?"

Vodka tonic is good for you. That's why they call it tonic.

I went to Hangout tonight. They were having a Christmas party for staff and regulars. The Friar was the DJ. He played one Ween song, and some officious frat boy fellow came up an started talking about Ween. A lot. I must admit he was very familiar with Ween's oeuvre. Unfortunately, he mentioned so many offensive song titles ("Let Me Lick Your Pussy," "Cover It with Gas and Set It on Fire," "Flies on My Dick"), the cute girl who was hanging around the stage where we sat left in disgust. And before I could compliment her on her shiny straight teeth! Thanks, Mr. Ween Knowledge Guy!

Also, a waitress sort of came on to me, then got angry when I didn't want to have my picture taken with her. She was very inebriated.

I left horribly depressed. Not because of the Ween guy or anyone in particular. Just an oppressive heavy sense of angst and failure. Everyone was grinding to Ween and "Milkshake" and "Thong Song" and laughing and whatnot, and I had to go. Normally I'm OK to watch people having fun, but not tonight. Now silent and sad and tipsy and empty and cold inside.


Churlita said...

Yeah, but at least you leave hilarious comments on my blog when you're drunk.

Janet said...

Maybe it's the time of year. I swear, everyone I know (including me) is feeling the exact same way.

Michael5000 said...

I sure hope that Mr. Ween Knowledge guy shows up for the "Ween Songs" Thursday Quiz.

A Confession: I really like "The Thong Song." I think it's hilarious. Does that make me a shallow person? Probably.

Sorry about the empty and cold inside, bro. Winter is a tough season. Hang on, it'll get better.