Saturday, December 22, 2007

None of them can stop the time

My second most admired musical hero, Joe Strummer, died on this date in 2002. He had a congenital heart defect and died suddenly at the far too youthful age of 50. I'm now taking a heart medicine that is extremely toxic, but ostensibly helpful in minute doses. The tiny window of space between 'helpful" and "fatal" in medicines like this is known as the therapeutic index. Here's hoping I don't keel over. Y'know, with the sudden death worry and all.

Anyway, one of my favorite bands in the whole world, Rancid, wrote a terrific feel-good song called "Indestructible" and its message is more apt, at least I hope it is, than ever given today's date and my recent condition. Written by Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen.

And I know I'm indestructible
And I know I'm indestructible tonight
Break down, come on and tell me it's not true
It's a shakedown, come on and tell me who are you
It's so fake now, everything I see right through
I'm ashamed now to say I ever knew you
See the Great Athenians, man they're not even from Athens
And the kid from Avenue A, man he ain't even from Manhattan
And nothing is what it seems so I'll just stand here laughing
And I'm gonna keep on goin' though, I can't get distracted
And I know I'm indestructible
And I know I'm indestructible tonight
Playback, rock and roll come and save me
It's a safe bet that you will never ever betray me
And I'll give back everything that you gave me
And I know that no one can ever ever contain me
And I won't get bogged down like some American consumer
I'm dancing now to a whole different drummer
And I'll keep listening to the great Joe Strummer
'Cause through music we can live forever


Man, I hope I live long enough to see Dark Knight. That movie's gonna rock.


Michael5000 said...

I hope this isn't a rude question, but what specifically is the deal with your heart? Is it just a random abdormality?

Sorry you've got so many crappy things to worry about right now. If it's any consolation, you are doing about 65 million times better at teaching than I did. When I finished student teaching and started my first real job, I went into a cycle of panic attacks so bad that I eventually had to leave education. And by "eventually," I mean after the second week of classes. Kinda funny now, but not too amusing at the time.

Chance said...

It's a birth defect that was corrected using the best surgery available at the time. I was totally fine for 33 years but now the wear and tear is showing.

Thanks for the compliment. I'm older than most student teachers, and I've had 6 years of pre-K teaching as well as a year of assorted teachers' aide stuff before that, so I'm a lot more prepared than the average student teacher as well.

Churlita said...

I was just talking about Joe Strumme last night. We were talking about different old shows we had attended and I said I saw the Clash in 1984, but it was when there were two. One with Mick JOnes and one with Joe Strummer. Luckily, I saw Joe Strummer's Clash.

Chance said...

Wow!! I am utterly envious.