Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Soaked and sick at Halloween

The Boss arranged for us to take the kids up and down the main street into the businesses there to trick or treat at the Job today. (The Maddening Angel, my gorgeous co-worker, wore a sort of lacy dress that was meant to be an angel costume; I wore a Misfits shirt.)

It rained. Hard. Everyone got soaked. By the end, the kids were saying they wanted to go back, some were chattering with cold, and I'd given my button-down to MA to cover her suddenly quite sheer dress. It was a nice idea and all, and the kids looked cute in their costumes, but man, what a terrible time for a monsoon.


Later that night, I went to the Hangout where the Friar was DJing. Muffin, my good friend from high school, was there; she lives in New York now with her husband, but he didn't come. Later on, MA and her friend K came by, dressed in costume. She also brought her ex-boyfriend, a dopey-looking fellow who dumped her back in May or so and is now her fuckbuddy at his convenience. He calls her for sex, she accepts hoping that this time it's because he wants to be with her again, he gets sex, and then he stops talking to her until the next time. And she calls me crying and upset because she feels used and cheap. Poor stupid kid. Asshole guy. What on earth is her obsession with him about? K and I are both perplexed. He has actually come out and said in as many words to her, "I don't find you emotionally attractive, just physically attractive." And he has put those words to deeds many times. MA is still stuck on him, unfortunately.

I drank a lot, very quickly, and Muffin's brother Anacreon had to drive me home, where I puked repeatedly in the yard. What a charming, graceful, delightful fellow I am.

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