Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Math apathy

Did you know...

A unit fraction is one which has 1 as its numerator?
An improper fraction is one that is greater than one (such as 3/2)?

Well, you do now, or least for the next ten seconds or so before your brain replaces that information with more crucial facts such as with whom Paris Hilton's was last caught feuding.

So. In Math we discussed fractions a bit, throwing us back to the very basics as far as I'm concerned. Putting fractions in simplest form, multiplying, etc. The graphic model for the multiplication and division of fractions (as opposed to the rote and less comprehensible algebraic method, which is second nature to me) was as interesting and illuminating as the subject might be expected to be. It's basically approaching the problem like it were a pan of brownies. I'd elucidate, but I'm crippled by apathy and depression.

I don't know if I mentioned that I got a 97 on the midterm. Good for me and entirely expected. However, I missed at least one question on the quiz tonight, which will have no bearing on my overall grade but rankles at me because I hate careless error.

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