Monday, October 02, 2006

Seeing the light

I have mentioned my father's friend Potato a couple of times in this blog. (My usual interaction with him is when he joins our trivia team.) Well, Potato's got a neighbor at the trailer park where he lives. My father calls this neighbor "The Murderer." I don't think he's actually killed anyone, but he is a petty criminal (and so for that matter is Potato, who finds shoplifting --- food, books, CDs, DVDs --- as natural as breathing).

A while back, my father and Potato were in his trailer when the Murderer mentioned that he thought that Satan was speaking through his estranged wife. "You see," he explained earnestly and sincerely to my appalled father, "God talks to me. And my wife often says things that are opposed to the things that God says to me. Since there can be only one God, the only thing that could be putting those ideas into her head is Satan."

Yes, there really are people like that all over the country.

You'll be happy to hear, however, that afterwards, Murderer made peace with his wife. As he told Potato, she came over to his trailer and they had a long talk, and then the Murderer prayed to God to let her come to Jesus. "And the Spirit of the Lord did come upon her," he earnestly told the appalled Potato. "In fact, I'm sure you saw the lights emanating from my trailer last night."

He truly believed that his trailer had flickered with Godly light, and that Potato must have seen it.

"What on earth do you reply to that?" I asked Potato after he told me the story. After all, you can't hint that perhaps the "lights" were only visible to the two of them --- that it was a contained, quiet Visitation not meant for the prying eyes of the Unblessed. If you implied something along those lines, Murderer might start thinking that was the devil talking through you.

Potato said, "I told him I was asleep."

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