Monday, October 23, 2006

Those wacky Mohammedians!

See, when a woman doesn't cover her head, men can't help but act on their innate desire to rape everything that moves. So the slut's asking for it. Or so says this douchebag, a Muslim cleric in Australia (though he's wily enough, it appears from the story, to use the Western system to his fullest advantage; he understands that a quick apology keeps the heat off for a bit, and then it's okay to preach his seditious and destructive hate again).

Which is just another in a long line of anecdotes that make this argument so palatable. Note that a stance against against the burqa in the West is not dictating what people should do behind clsoed doors, just arguing that propriety works both ways. I would never enter a Jain temple with shoes on. I would also never place a child of mine in a classroom where the teacher wore a face veil. There's a connection that's lost when the face is hidden, a connection too important between teacher and student for the teacher to wear a mask.

We ought to face our problems head-on.

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