Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ah... a warm wet rag

You can piss up a rope
And you can put on your shoes, hit the road get truckin’
Pack your bag, I don’t need the ag'
On your knees you big booty bitch, start suckin’
--- Ween, "Piss Up a Rope"

Post-posting thoughts of my nerdlist from yesterday:

Maybe Hellblazer should be considered superhero. No, it shouldn't. Yes, it should. They had Swamp Thing in there and everything. Well, let's just say that when it is more or less superhero in genre, it doesn't make the quality cut, and when it makes the quality cut, it isn't superhero.

What about League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen? If that counts as superhero (and I don't see why not), then it should definitely bump one of the lower five off the list.

And Secret Wars II --- how could I forget that? Possibly the greatest superhero comic of all time. ALL TIME!


Went to the Triviabar to, naturally, play trivia. With Father out of state for a few days, I drove Mother to the place. I greeted my Science Methods classmate and pal T, as well as W (a nodding if friendly acquaintance, with only this bizarre night between us for social interaction).

Spooky took the bus to meet us, and Friar showed up as well. So Spooky met my mom. They got along pretty well, considering what an anti-social loon my mother is. Our team won. Not that I care too much; I only go to trivia as a favor to my mom. Left to my own devices, I'd much more happily stay home and read or putz around on the computer.

I took Spooky back to my place, and we had a lot of fun, but I had to drop her back home around midnight. She said she asked Babydaddy to move out. I'm glad, but I told her I hoped she didn't do it for me. She needs someone to take care of her. I may be that person, but I just as likely may not. I've told her that although I'm happy and I like her a lot, I'm too old to make silly promises that I know I can't live up to. I've seen to much not to know that in relationships, people change, and not always for the better.

Anyway: happy, tired. Work tomorrow.

Next week, Spooky and I are flying to New York for the weekend. Oh, we're a couple, all right.

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