Tuesday, March 21, 2006

She moves like sin

She's like a lethal brand
Too much for any man
She gave me first-degree
She really satisfied me
--- AC/DC, "Girls Got Rhythm"

At work, one of the classrooms is getting some major structural work done, which means all the kids were crammed into the smaller room where we eat. Everyone took a nap in there, too. It's such a joke that The Boss thinks the place is anything resembling a school.

Reading I was pretty boring as usual. Having covered phonemic awareness and the alphabetic principle, we're now moving into phonics. Ms. W handed our midterms back. I missed seven out of the 25 questions, which isn't very good, but two answers weren't counted as wrong if we put a certain two of the four choices because of the ambiguous wording of the questions. That put me at 80% correct, which still isn't great, but is pretty much better than I expected to do given the brevity of the test and the problems associated with multiple guess.

Spooky (still driving MA's car) came over around 10 p.m. or so and left an hour or so later, leaving me feel a bit like I'd just had an assignation. She has another doctor's appointment tomorrow, and the surgery on Friday.

She saw MA's boyfriend Cokehead, revealing that he is in town when MA thinks he's still on a ski trip. There are so many warning flags with this asshole. He has two houses, one of which MA is not allowed to go to; he's done coke in the recent past; he has weird, late hours and claims to make a lot of money as a tutor (ha!); he didn't call MA once while on his ski trip even though she was holed up with her brains can electrodes on all weekend; he's often out of touch for unexplained or fishy reasons; he can't be bothered to wake up early to take her somewhere she needs to go... Poor dumb naive MA.

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