Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh Comely

Oh comely
I will be with you when you lose your breath
Chasing the only meaningful memory you thought you had left
With some pretty bright and bubbly terrible scene
That was doing her thing on your chest
--- Neutral Milk Hotel, "Oh Comely"

Spooky has her surgery Friday.

In Science Methods, we lit a bulb with a battery and wire, illustrating that a complete circuit of electricity is required for power to flow. Then we were bundled out into the hallway en classe, where we linked hands in a big jumble (left hand across shoulder to someone's right, their right hand under another person's shoulder to another's left, etc.) and did our best to hobble crabwise up and down the hall. Then we did the same thing holding hands in a big circle (much easier), then did the same thing in pairs and teams. The big secret here is that we were imitating the three states of matter. I'm so bored. However, I did learn an interesting fact: clouds, fog and steam are not water in its gaseous form, but water in a very fine liquid form. Water in its truly gaseous form is invisible. Huh. Did not know that!

Stayed up way too late doing the two projects due for Math tomorrow, a reflection on the use of technology in the math classroom and a series of web-based reports on the uses and purpose of assessment.

I also made Spooky a mix CD, the first she's gotten from me:

  1. For You (I’d Do Anything) – Roky Erickson
  2. Fight Test – Flaming Lips
  3. Factory Girls – Floggy Molly (with Lucinda Williams)
  4. Fall Into November – Folk Implosion
  5. Anti-Social – Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
  6. American Idiot – Green Day
  7. Atomic – Tiger Army
  8. Avenues & Alleyways – Rancid
  9. Visions of Johanna – Bob Dylan
  10. Ol’ 55 – Tom Waits
  11. Rocky Road to Dublin – Clancy Brothers
  12. Rainy Night in Soho – The Pogues
  13. Run on for a Long Time – Blind Boys of Alabama
  14. Redundant – Green Day
  15. Raspberry Beret – Hindu Love Gods
  16. I Want To Be Your Driver – Chuck Berry
  17. I Got Stung – Elvis Presley
  18. I Thank You – ZZ Top
  19. I Want You – Bob Dylan
  20. Television – Bad Religion (with Tim Armstrong)
  21. Till I Collapse – Eminem
  22. Time – Tom Waits
  23. Everyday I Write the Book [live version] – Elvis Costello

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