Sunday, March 19, 2006

The dreams I once had now lay in bed

Though these wounds have seen no wars
Except for the scars I have ignored
And this endless crutch, well it's never enough
It's been the worst day since yesterday
--- Flogging Molly, "The Worst Day Since Yesterday"

Badness all around. Made tentative plans with Spooky. But MA called, and she's stuck at home with the brain electrodes glued to her scalp, so I said we'd come over, bring her food and watch a movie. Apparently changing plans like that without consulting Spooky first was a bad idea. The evening went downhill from there. We did go to MA's, but we argued a bit in front of her, which pisses me off. And Spooky got very drunk, and then during the night got very ill. The alcohol affected her badly, she had an asthma attack, her blood sugar plummeted... It was just bad. And then Babydaddy called her phone and mine about eight times looking for her. I'm just not strong enough for this, and I don't want a relationship with a woman who has a permanent chaperone. Oh, and this surprising little gem popped up in the course of our exasperated back and forth between bouts of vomit and abdominal pain. At 5:30 in the morning Spooky drove back in the intense driving rain and I felt like crap.

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