Monday, March 06, 2006

I am my father's son

I am my father's son
His bed is made
I was a hero early in the morning
I ain't no hero in the night...
And I'll build a house inside of you
I'll go in through the mouth
I'll draw three figures on your heart
--- Wolf Parade, "You Are a Runner And I Am My Father's Son"

It's spring break, baby! No classes this week! (Shh! Don't tell The Job.)

So after work, I drove to Spooky's, picked her up and then took her to pick up her Baby from her Catholic school. (Spooky's car, which she just got fixed, broke down again today.) Took them home and then played Trivial Pursuit with Spooky and Babydaddy. I'm starting to get reconciled to the fact that the father of her child lives with her as a housemate, but still... weird!

Then I drove back to work, where I picked up the Maddening Angel, whose car works just fine but who is not allowed to drive since her seizure. Yes, that migraine from a last week was actually a seizure, and she had another one at her school, where she passed out for 45 minutes. She's seeing the doctor tomorrow. I drove her home, and then we walked to a little bar near her place. We had burgers and a drink, and her pal K joined us and gave us a ride back. MA and I went to the movie rental place and got a couple of discs. We watched the documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room. A very sad and disturbing film; such naked corruption and overweening arrogance.

It felt a bit weird sitting on the couch with MA watching a movie, knowing she was going to call or meet Cokehead afterwards and I was going to call Spooky, and us maintaining a physical distance we didn't used to bother with when we were unattached to others. I dunno, maybe that's normal. I guess it just felt weird because I still have such strong yet ambivalent feelings about her. She's so sweet and smart and beautiful, yet so simple and aggravating and young and (all that really matters, perhaps) uninterested in me. I'm jealous of her relationship with Cokehead, though MA and I are too different to be a couple even if she wanted to be with me. I'm far too old for these ridiculous pinings, yet here I am, pining to the keyboard.

Oh, and yes, a toddler teacher at work did in fact mention, as soon as she saw me, that Toddler H's mother did tell her she'd seen Spooky and I at the Hangout. I work at Gossip Central.

Tomorrow I take Spooky to the doctor for a surgery consult. Poor Spooky; she's in a lot of pain.

Either it's the lack of naps or the Prozac or the nocturnal activity or I've got a mild illness going, but I feel very weak when I do the weights these days.

It's midnight and I have to make lunch for tomorrow.

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