Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blue suits and bankers with their Volvos and their valentines

There ain't much work out here in our consumer power base
No major industry, just miles and miles of parking space
--- Billy Joel, "No Man's Land"

Out walking Dog with Father. Went to the field where we usually go and played with a neighbor's dog. Then some other neighbor, Assface, let his stupid yapping jack russels out. Now, these two dogs are disliked by everyone around the area and have bitten other dogs before. One of them started snapping and biting at Dog. Good old Dog, three times their size, started defending herself with a snarl. So far it's not too bad, and we all start moving in to separate them.

Then the owner of those yappers, Assface, does the thing you just don't do: he picked up and restrained my dog. My dog, the peaceful one, the one who didn't start this fight and never so much as snaps at any person or dog unless extremely provoked. He held her front paws up, exposing her soft underbelly. Thank God, his hideous little yappers didn't savage her belly, but one did get a good shot in on her ear. She now has two nicks, one on each side of her left ear. There was a bit of blood (though not nearly as much as when Ex's cat sliced it open back when she was but a Puppy). Father and I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and water, then applied antibiotic ointment. Poor Dog. I'm not upset much about the actual bite, but I am quite irked that Assface grabbed my dog and held her while his stupid little vicious lap dog snarled and snapped at her. She's a very gentle creature, so she didn't, thankfully, twist and rip open Assface's hand as he held her.

Who knows? Maybe it's all for the best. Maybe if he hadn't stupidly grabbed Dog, she would have seriously mauled his terrier. I'm just steamed about his serious transgression of dog owner etiquette.

No class tonight --- I have an online assignment to turn in for Math Methods by next week, as well as another two-page reflection.

Spooky came over. She was supposed to spend the night, but once again her health prevented her (she failed to bring a special pillow she uses while she sleeps). It's always something...

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