Monday, March 13, 2006

Assorted titbits

(Yes, I prefer the variant.)


MA recommended this video, but to me, it's not nearly as funny as "Lazy Sunday."


Thanks largely to Father's training, walking Dog is nowadays a much more enjoyable experience. I can walk her off the leash and not be pulled around. She runs happily and then stops at curbs. I was very proud of her today when there was another dog across the road and she didn't cross to play with it. She even restrains herself when her all-time favorite things in the world --- squirrels --- are on the other side. My, how she loves to chase and tree squirrels.


Driving with my mom. My Green Day mix is in the stereo and "Basket Case" starts to play. "Do you have the time to listen to me whine?" Billie Joe begins. My mother is puzzled. "Why should I give him a dime just to listen to him whine?" she asks. "He ought to pay me, since it's probably not going to be pleasant."


Things that bother me about Spooky besides the talking too much and the melodrama... She is a procrastinator. Case in point, her car has been broken for almost a month now. To get a new car, all she would have to do is make her way to the lot and get it (the loans are approved, she knows what kind, it's all set). But somehow, there's always something --- Baby sick, Babydaddy sick, no sitter for Baby, lost cat --- and it doesn't get done. This doesn't just apply to the car, though I do grow tired of driving her around. There are plenty of things that just don't get done. Unless it's about her or her family's health, she doesn't care. And sometimes that's detrimental to herself.

But she lives with pain, and she's got a kid with some problems, and she's flying me to New York and paying for a nice hotel. And she's smart and pretty funny and into me and cares what I think and we're physically compatible. So what the hey.


Kim said...

What the hey, indeed. But you kind of sound like you just might be settling. Are you?

Chance said...

Kind of.