Thursday, June 01, 2006

It takes a big man to complain a lot

At work, J, a three-year-old boy, went to the dress-up area and put a pink blanket around his shoulders and over his head like a cowl. I said, "You look like a pink monk." He said, "I'm not a pink monk. I'm a princess." I stared at him, and he laughed. This is the same kid who, on another occasion, struggled to put on another outfit, this one a ruffled mauve dress. It was far too long for him, so I said, "I'm not sure you need to wear that." he said, "Yes I do! I need to look so pretty!"

How'd I love to be able to see how he turns out at 17 or so...


Also at The Job, the father of kid C came and met with the whole staff (minus the three administrators) about the overall disgruntled feeling everyone seems to have. A lot of people are either leaving or threatening to leave. Well, this guy was surprisingly good at his job (which is, apparently, to mediate at companies where there's conflict). It was a huge gripefest, and a lot got aired out that had previously been merely bitter hallway mumblings.

I'm spared a lot of the bullshit, because I'm favored by The Boss (though she irks me in a lot of ways), but basically, everyone wants more autonomy in decision-making but more support when it comes to management. I don't think anyone's demands were outrageous or too much ask. There is almost no real management at the place.


I drove up to State School and paid a C-note for my stupid Reading II book. Highway robbery, but at least this text looks less boring than the Reading I book, which I did not open after the first assignment because its sheer soul-stultifying boringness made my brain bleed out my eye sockets.

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Liz here from I Speak of DreamsYou might want to check out the Teaching Reading Wiki. It is a work in progress -- nothing on the "whole language" side yet. the Reading Canon Wiki