Monday, June 12, 2006

Doing homework way too late

Yes, I've mentioned that I'm a procrastinator.

Three days of Reading II homework crammed into one; ugh. Boring.

Off-topic completely, this caught my eye. It's an interesting story because of the skills and level-headedness involved by a Marine; I'm always intrigued by citizens fighting back in self-defense.

But, apparently, not nearly as intrigued as these guys. Wow.

I was perusing the Ask Dr. Math archives in preparation for the TExES (which I figured I wouldn't need and, as it turned out, didn't, but, you know, better safe than sorry). It's a good resource. Anyway, this letter writer, and especially his follow-up query, made me wonder. Can the writer really be a teacher, and if so, should we be letting complete retards teach statistics to advanced math students in our nation's proud schools?

These are the coolest boots in the world.

Must slog now.


NYC Educator said...

Great boots. Even better caption.

EHT said...

Love the boots and queries from teachers, even math teachers, don't surprise me these days. It takes all types to make a village, I guess. Thanks for reading my blog and linking to it. I'll visit again soon!