Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Reviewing for the TExES

We had a meeting at work today, a follow-up to the gripefest of last week. The Boss was in attendance at this one, and naturally everyone who was bitching their ass off last time suddenly acted like they had no problems at all. For their sake, I confronted The Boss on her "I did my part, it's everyone else's fault" attitude, as politely as I could. She looked like she was about to cry, and no one followed suit.


With all experience with reading to kids, I did not know that the Caldecott is given for illustration, not writing.

Also: in teaching there are commonly said to be six language arts, not four. Reading, writing, listening, and talking are all obvious. But there's also, apparently, viewing and visually representing. Uh... That's a pretty broad definition of language, I'd say. Isn't drawing more a visual art, not a language art? We're harkening back to pictographs or hieroglyphs, I guess.


NYC Educator said...

What about smelling, tasting, and levitating you astral body? Aren't those language arts as well?

Chance said...

For dogs, the first two are.