Sunday, June 04, 2006

How I hate the Republicans

So now Bush is bringing up gay marriage again and urging a ban. Because that's exactly what all Americans are clamoring for. Not feeling safe in their own borders, not seaport and airport security, not eliminating terrorists abroad, not better jobs or health insurance or alternative energy or social security, or clean air and water, or even a safe food supply.

No, the most important issue of today is making sure that the blessed, loving union of a man and a woman is mandated by the goddamn goverment, once again sticking its big fat Republican nose where it doesn't belong, right into law-abiding, tax-paying Americans' private lives.

Smaller government, my shiny white ass.

If there's a Republican out there who's not a lying, money-grubbing, evil hypocrite out to line the pockets of corporate fatcats, use the lower class as cannon fodder, and have Big Brother shit all over the rapidly dwindling middle class, hell, I'll vote for him just to say I did.

*sputtering with impotent rage*

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