Saturday, June 24, 2006

Keanu ain't in it

Errand day. I took the dog to the vet, where poor Dog had her anal glands expressed manually by the beast-leech. Come to think of it, poor vet. I realize that's more than anyone cares to know about my dog, but apparently, that scooting around on the haunches dogs do can be a sign of something wrong, including an infection.

I also went to the comic store. In addition to scads of quarter-bin single issues (ranging from pretty good to pretty terrible, but hey, they're a crummy two bits each, and I give them away after I read them) I bought a couple of graphic novels (it's been a month since last time) for a total of $34. A bit much for me, but I've been doing okay financially lately. I got Hellblazer: Hard Time and Hellblazer: Highwater, both written by Brian Azzarello. Both are great books, and both ratchet up the title's "adult" content considerably from its previous levels --- or at least there's an unusually steamy sexual scene in Highwater. A fan of the title for some time now, I enjoy how each writer adds his own personal touch to the John Constantine saga: Mike Carey revels in the occult, Warren Ellis goes all apocalyptic, Garth Ennis emphasizes Constantine's very English viewpoint, etc. Azzarello (who I believe is American?) plays to his own strengths as a noir writer and crafts a very subtle, tantalizing mystery, especially in the longer second book.

Anyway, while I do try to get books on the cheap (as, for example, with the swapping service I'm in on), these two GNs are easily worth the cover price.

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United We Lay said...

I feel your pain. My beagle has a spastic colon. Apparently a little metamucil in his food does the trick.