Thursday, March 02, 2006

I did my time in the jail of your arms

Well I fell in love
With your sailor's mouth and your wounded eyes
You better get down on the floor
Don't you know this is war
Tell me who are you this time?
--- Tom Waits, "Who Are You"

Well, the Boss irritated Maddening Angel for the last time, and she put in her two weeks' notice today. It was very sudden. The last few days, she'd been getting irritated with Boss, and saying how she was going to start looking for another job, but nothing definite. Today, due to some petty recriminations, she marched into the room, called a former employer (another child care place) on her cell phone, got hired back, and wrote up her notice. Well, good for her. Though this may mean that our socialization has truly more or less ceased.

I went home, watched an old "Scrubs" --- still a terrific show --- then printed out the 31 pages of my competencies project, then drove to State School. I didn't really study for the midterm, since it's supposed to mimic the TEXES, and anyway hasn't this project, and the class itself, been a long preparation for the exam?

Well, so I got to class, and we all sat down and took the test --- 50 multiple-choice questions --- immediately. I finished first by some distance. Ms. P graded it then and there, and I only got an 86%. Somewhat disappointing, thought that is a comfortable margin of passing. I thought I had done better, though. In most cases where I got it wrong, I had narrowed it down to two choices and picked the wrong one. For a few questions, I flat-out had no clue (like whether a father without custody is allowed to see his child's school records on demand --- answer: yes). For only one or two, I didn't think it through (for one question, I realized upon review, I had picked an answer that was passing the buck: in the TEXES, the correct answer is almost always the one that means more effort and iniative for the teacher).

After that, I was free at 7:30, so drove to Spooky's house. We went to the Hangout and played trivia and bowling. Then we drove to some little coffeehouse on Bar Street. We sat and drank hot, nonalcoholic flavored beverages, and Spooky gave me her apologia of sorts, listing some of her past life, which includes some pretty upsetting things (drinking, abuse). I told her to forget it, everyone has baggage. I've done some fairly brutal things myself. Then we went to my place. We had a lot of fun looking at funny videos on the internet, "rat monster prank" and "bear trampoline video" among them. Spooky then once more displayed her immensely satisfying lack of inhibition, and unfortunately, I had to drive her home. I didn't get to sleep until 2:00 a.m.

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