Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've no right to say it, but

Poised for a picture that no one was taking
You'd hang on their worlds as a rule
I'd never bought that but still was afraid
To get caught on the wrong side of cool...
Leaving today I'd no right to go say
That I hate what they're doing to you

--- Blood Or Whiskey, "Sober Again"

Fantastic band. If you like the Pogues, search out and purchase.

At work, I reconciled, sort of, with the Maddening Angel. She said she thought I blew her off. I said I missed her. We hugged and talked. Still... It can never be the same again. I feel resentful because she doesn't find me attractive. Twisted and wrong, I know, but there it is. I feel that same dull ache in my stomach and heart when I think about her with other guys that I did way back with Number One.

Class was Math Methods. I got a 93 on my test. Five points were lost because I got the wrong answer on a simple subtraction problem! Whoops. Class was spent mostly doing hands-on activities with unit blocks: subtracting, adding, dividing and multiplying with them. Very easy stuff, but apparently quite bewildering to some.

After class, joined the Friar and The Hangout. Had a couple of drinks, played video trivia. Good times.

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