Tuesday, February 07, 2006

With logic and love we'll have power enough

I’m merely a man,
And I bring nothing but love for you

--- XTC, "Merely a Man"

I did not speak to the Maddening Angel at work beyond responding when spoken to. I think that made her mad, but she's the one who's dropped me out of her life. I suppose she wants us to have a sort of happy work friendship, but I just can't act happy when she's cut me out of her social world entirely.

I stopped by the library after work to pick up some children's books for a report due in Reading I. I got a lot of medal winners, including a Beverly Cleary that was pretty good. I also got Phineas Gage: A Gruesome But True Story About Brain Science, by John Fleischman. I knew nothing about this book or the incident it tells about until today. I was enthralled! It's a very readable, informative, and engaging book. It tells the story of the titular Phineas, a railroad worker who survived a horrible brain trauma in 1848. (Basically, he got a spike through his cheek and the frontal lobes of both hemispheres of his brain.) Fleischman weaves a little bit of history, the history of science, the history of medicine, anatomy and modern neuroscience together, telling the story eloquently and simply from the incident to how it's been interpreted in modern times. Great stuff! I wish I taught older kids, so I could share it.

Before Science Methods, I met T at the lounge, and we went to "the Pub." We talked a bit. She "doesn't believe in" evolution! Yikes! How can you be an educated, intelligent person and not accept it? So sad.

My suspicion that T and MA have very similar social natures proves more and more correct, as T shares with me how she hangs out with guys she doesn't like and finds it hard to say no to people who want to date her. Say, wait a minute, that makes me wonder if she likes me.

Ms. C was absent, so we had two substitutes. One had us assign the individual TEKS into the four objectives of science (process, life science, earth science, physical science). The other one told us more about the phases of the moon, and we made a handy Moon Phase Wheel. It's pretty cool; it really helped me understand the relationship between how the moon looks and where it is in the sky. Most people in class didn't get it. I told them that the Wheel had all the answers and that it was my new God. "Bow to the Wheel," I suggested. I don't think T liked that.

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