Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To see a world apart from pain

Love sees love's happiness
But happiness can't see that love is sad
That love is sad
Sadness is hanging there
To show love somewhere something needs a change
They need a change...
Some things gal says to lad aren't meant as bad
But cause a little pain
--- They Might Be Giants, "They'll Need a Crane"

At work, Maddening Angel brought me two cards and a little stuffed frog. In one of the cards she had written, "Let's be friends again." I was kind of set to give her a big speech about how two people really can't be friends if one is attracted to the other and that feeling isn't mutual, but I just hugged her and said thanks.

I called T to see if we'd meet before class, but she had to work on the take-home section. She called me three times, but each time was to ask questions about it. She didn't hang out with me at all! I feel so... so... used! I'm not just a brain, you know! I have feelings! *sob*

Just kidding.

The test was a bit of breeze. We went from station to station and identified what science process skill was used where, and there was a multiple choice section after that. We got out very early. Then T, another girl whose name escaped me, and I went to go work out at the State School gym.

But before we did, we went to the girl's on-campus apartment and did a shot of tequila. I'd never done that before (this really is the Era of New Things for me). Salt, shot, lime, the works. Not very pleasant going down, but strangely appealing and addictive afterwards. I was all ready to do another. Still, we just did the one, and then we hit the gym. I did thirty minutes of cardio, which I almost never get. Not so much tiring as it made my stomach, churning with tequila, hurt. But I stuck it out and then hit the weights a bit.

Going home, I called Spooky, who asked me to help her pick up a prescription. I swung by and picked her up and we dropped it off. Instead of waiting, we hit the Hangout and had a drink each and played video bowling. At one point, I picked up a bottle and said, "Is this your drink or mine? I mean, I don't want your germs or cooties or anything. You know I'm a little neurotic about that." She said, "Yeah, I'm particular about what I put my mouth." I replied, "Luckily for me, that's not true."

I'm kind of beginning to like hanging out with Spooky, although she does talk too much.

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