Monday, February 27, 2006

You know I've never been corrupt

I'll pay you a compliment
And you'll think I am innocent
You can total up the balance sheet
And never know if I'm a counterfeit
--- Elvis Costello, "Love For Tender"

Rushed today.

At The Job for three hours. Went to H Elementary. Sat through a sixth grade class and a second grade glass. In the former, some thug or thugs had stolen a laser pointer out of a teacher's room, and two classes ground to an unattended halt while several adults tried to sort it out, to, I believe, no satisfactory conclusion. After that, there was a bathroom break, which took about ten minutes (they all went at once, escorted --- sixth graders). Then about half the class left for some special activity, and a few others left to go to the library (returning nearly an hour later with, apparently, one comic book). The few kids that were left sat through a lesson on space, interrupted by one hyper boy's constant wisecracking and noise. The teacher did the best she could, but it was just a joke. In the latter observation hour, the entire class was conducted in Spanish. I didn't follow much, but I did like how they read and re-read a poem in order to get a feel for the unrushed cadence and flow of poetry.

Got the car's oil changed, and studied a bit for the Reading I midterm. Ate a quick lunch and drove up to State School. The test took, quite literally, four minutes. I exaggerate not. It was 25 multiple-guess questions. I can't stand those kinds of tests. I think I did reasonably well, but can't say so with any degree of certainty, and hate the fact that there is no place to explain the line of thought in an answer. Oh well.

I went home and started working on the massive competency overview due on Thursday. Suddenly it occurred to me to check if something was due for Science tomorrow, and --- oh crap --- something is, a review of a first-grade lesson we were given on DVD last week. Gads, I'm a procrastinator. Now I have to write 2-3 pages on this 45-minute video tonight, and I'm still way behind on Thursday's assignment.

Oh, and I'm all twisted and worried about various Spooky-related things, and Maddening Angel is over there right now nursing a migraine. I wince at the thought of what Spooky must be blabbing to her even now. Not that it's secret or anything, I just can't stand my personal life to be discussed by people I know.

Must work.

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Kim said...

Hey, Chance...Just dropped by for a visit. It appears we reside in the same town. Did you figure that out from my blog? Your blog is entertaining. I'll keep reading if you keep reading. And by the way, you'll see that Bachelor #4 wasn't good for me afterall. The 4-week factor works. Try it with a woman and let me know if it works with them too.