Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More than just a boy

In a sentence, in a word
It might be something that you heard
In a night, it could be right
If you'd only see the light
Any day but Tuesday
We could talk or maybe we could sin(g)
Any day but Tuesday
It really doesn't have to mean a single thing
--- Steve Wynn, "Tuesday"

I am a slavering, drooling Steve Wynn fan and have been for nearly two decades. Very few people know who the hell he is.


I added funny, introspective dating blog Elle's World, venerable NYC Educator, and the hilarious math teacher's blog Three Standard Deviations To the Left to my sidebar. Every blog on my sidebar is one I enjoy at least once a week; these three always have something of interest.


After The Job, I drove up to State School for a conference with Science teacher Ms. P at 4:30. I got about an 88% on the final; I did very well on the sit-in part, but lost a lot of points on the take-home. It was all subjective minutiae, too. That kind of annoys me. Lower grades than I expect always annoy me.

Then I did a little work on the Classroom Management competencies project at the Lounge before class. Science Methods itself was an... interesting affair. We did a 5th grade lesson plan, making a junk-food sandwich as a model of sedimentation layering, then judged chocolate chip cookies on an objective rubric we created in small groups. I ate my cookie and half of the bread, peanut butter, frosting, goldfish cracker, raisin and Fruity Pebbles sandwich. It was actually pretty good.

T was not in class. Yesterday, she invited me to some Mardi Gras event at a bar for after class tonight, but I said I couldn't make it, citing the project. I'm actually glad she skipped class, as it made it easier to turn down her invitation.

After class I drove to Spooky's house. MA had called me previously to go hang out with her and K, but I couldn't do it because of class. I called her once I was free, but no answer --- they probably smoked and then hit a few bars So I drove to Spooky's and we hung out for a while.

I may skip Math Methods tomorrow to finish up the project and study for the Classroom Management midterm.

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Kim said...

Hey, thanks for adding my blog. Good to know that it is entertaining to others. Because it is "my world" I'm popular there, so it's nearly irrelavant what anyone else thinks because they're not on my planet. So good to know that you visit Planet Elle from time to time and get a chuckle.