Friday, February 10, 2006

A nail won't fix a broken heart

A nail won't fix a broken heart
Like sleeping in the rain
There's nothing you can do...
I wish we were dying holding hands
Alone just me and you
Sad but it's true
The Low & Sweet Orchestra, "A Nail Won't Fix a Broken Heart"

The above, by the way, is the best song on the best Celtic-punk record you never heard.

I worked an extra hour and half today because the Maddening Angel was sick. She called work instead of me and didn't call me after work. Since I wasn't blogging my social life back when we were practically inseparable, it's almost hard to recall how close we were. Now, she probably has yet another boyfriend to spend time with her when she's sick. I don't know, I guess that's healthier.

Speaking of healthy, I took another two-hour nap after I got home today. I'm not happy about this; I feel like I'm sleeping my life away. The Prozac is really putting a number on me. I also wonder if it's making me weaker; I'm not feeling as strong and capable when I lift weights recently.

Haven't communicated with Ram since I left a possibly off-putting message with her last week. I still think about her, though. She was so perfect: smart, strong-willed, cute, capable, funny, and very into me. She called me handsome a lot. Yet suddenly that affection was gone. Am I shooting myself in the foot by cutting her off? After all, perhaps if we hung out as friends, that attraction would return, whereas ignoring her will definitely lead to nothing. On the other hand, even if she were heavily into me again, she really does live in town only three days a week, so it probably could never work out. It just makes me regretful. Opportunities like that don't come around for me very often at all, and that one's gone.

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