Saturday, April 08, 2006

The candidates are running, the son of God is coming

I'd take after my mother but she's from a different generation,
I prefer my big brother, he's so gentle and understanding
And I learn what I can from him by the television light
So that when I'm all alone I know everything's gonna be alright
--- Bad Religion, "Television"

I sure do love that "West Wing" TV type program. Such an intelligent, engrossing show. Too bad it's being cancelled --- I honestly would be interested to see what the show did with a different presidency. The show's a liberal's wet dream --- Bartlet is Clinton without the horndog tendencies but even bigger political balls --- which is a bit sad, since the Demcrats don't seem to have such political courage in real life. And it's a shame that this fictional program is one of the few public outlets in these Orwellian times that explores social problems with a conscience.


I feel a huge amount of sympathy for the poor folks hurt and the families of the dead killed in the spate of tornadoes in the southeast U.S, especially Tennessee. So many Protestant churches destroyed. I wonder if the neo-medievalists will say that this, too, is a sign of God's wrath? Because stoning homosexuals in the streets isn't on the law books there, like it oughtta be if they followed God's word.


My confidence in my relationship with Spooky waxes and wanes. Easily more than half of our plans fall through. There's always something --- pain (real or imagined, I cannot say), Babydaddy working odd hours, Baby needing her, sudden financial woes, a simple lack of preparation. Sometimes, I feel pretty happy with the situation, but during these so frequent crises and sudden dramas, I wonder whether it's all worth it. Tonight for example: a planned afternoon and evening becomes an evening, then just an evening, then no dinner...


Holy crap! It's almost tax day!

I believe I have mentioned by predilection for procrastination.


NYC Educator said...

Would be more interesting to see what the US would do with one.

Nothing against the TV show.

Chance said...

Well played!

Kate said...

The tornadoes hit just an hour or two outside of Memphis, all in communities I've visited before. As a once-upon-a-time Southern Baptist, I'll explain how it works:

Good things happen to ungodly people: attempts to turn them from their wicked ways (e.g. here)

Good things happen to godly people: blessings for their faithfulness (e.g. Caanan, the promised land)

Bad things happen to ungodly people: punishment for their wicked ways (e.g. Sodom and Gomorrah)

Bad things happen to godly people: an obvious test of their true faith in God (e.g. Job)

Talk about your retrofitting spin...