Sunday, April 09, 2006

Unfurled from this mortal coiled up world

I'm gonna leave this place better
Than the way I found it was
And Jesus gonna be here
Be here soon
--- Tom Waits, "Jesus Gonna Be Here"

A relaxing Sunday.

Did a little homework. Planned for the upcoming Math Methods lesson presentation. Wrote up a "lesson" for Reading I. Actually, all I did was describe a typical phonics-related table activity at work, point to the TEKs that the activity covered and added a brief evaluation. (I had a co-worker take pictures of me reading to and playing an alphabet game with two of our five year olds.) Don't know if that's precisely what Ms. W wants, but at this point I'm not overly concerned.

Yesterday's plans, which had already stalled, went completely dead and burst into flames. Spooky never showed up at all. Apparently someone borrowed her car and didn't come back until 4:00 a.m. It's always something.

My "Shield" fix not being available, I have appealed to my Internet God, Netflix, and lo it has delivered to me a new cop drama, HBO's "The Wire." I've only seen the first two episodes, but so far it's easily as convoluted and enthralling.


Huge drama with Spooky tonight. Went to TriviaBar with my parents and Spooky joined us. Late in the evening she called Babydaddy and found that he had gotten a ride over and taken her car "to run errands." He didn't call her to tell her this. She tried to call him afterwards, but got a busy signal or no answer. So she rode home with my parents and I, and then I drove her back. And when we got there? Apparently he'd loaned the car out to a neighbor, like he did last night (which is why she never came over).

So bizarre and fucked up and sick. Why would Babydaddy take the car without asking, without telling, without ascertaining how she'd get home, without answering the phone afterwards, and then loan the car out again (so he couldn't pick her up)? Is he retarded, inflamed with jealousy, passive aggressive, what?

Or is that what happened at all? I have only Spooky's word for it. I haven't seen her car yet. Did she ever really buy one, or did she come to the TriviaBar by bus as she did before, and is she making this whole thing up? What does Babydaddy really know or think about us? What's his relationship with Spooky, and what does he think it is? I'm confused and stressed, and feel upset that I even have these suspicions. The whole situation is such a bizarre creepy triangle that I want no part of at all.

That whole staying with Babydaddy for five years after he cheated on her and left her while she was pregnant... Sick and wrong, on both sides. Co-dependent and sadistic? Or maybe he just thought she needed him because of her health? I guess I don't know.

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