Monday, April 17, 2006

I want to get out while I still can

Never mind, there's a good film showing tonight
Where they hang everyone everybody who can read and write
Oh, that could never happen here but then again it might
--- Elvis Costello, "Invisible Man"

No work today, this being the last day of our "spring break."

I baby-sat for two of my favorite girls in the preschool, sisters D & L. I walked them over to the park and they ran around a bit on the playground. It was nearly 100 degrees today, though, so we didn't stay long. I made them lunch and watched a "Dora the Explorer" video. (Shouldn't it be "Dora the Explora?" That would be hella cooler.) I never saw one before; I liked the use of Spanish vocabulary, the interaction with the viewers, and the encouragement of physical movement. However, I found each program to be too structured and repetitive. Not for me, of course! For kids. I know kids like structure and need to hear things several times, but do they really need to hear the goddam map sing "I'm a map" fifteen times in a row every single show?


I got $40 for four hours'... well, I hesitate to call it "work," because it was mildly fun, mostly boring and no challenge to my mental or physical faculties.


State School was having none of that holiday crap, though, so off I motored to my penultimate Reading I class. We split into small groups and read children's books to one another (encouraging interaction such as call-and-response from the audience), then rated each other's performance. We were finished by 8:00 p.m. Oddly, the putative function of this class is to prepare students to be teachers; as usual, there was very little sign of that in this session. I mean, I'm already a preschool teacher and I read books to kids many times every day, but this activity certainly wasn't going to turn tyros into teachers, either. Too little, too late. What a colossal waste of time, gas, and money.

(Oh, hush, Mr. Grumpy.)


Added Beaucoup Kevin to the blogroll, a move long overdue, as Kevin is one smart and funny fellow.

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