Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A liar won't believe anyone else

A man will rise
A man will fall
From the sheer face of love
Like a fly from a wall
It's no secret at all
--- U2, "The Fly"

At work, because I am a Huge Sap, I agreed to work from 9-4 over the summer. Well, I'm sick of The Job's unprofessionalism and dead-end, menial nature, and I'm burned out... but I need the money.

I took my Science Methods final. It had the same format as the midterm: first, we went to stations and practiced our science process skills (inferring, observation, measurement, etc). For example, at one we felt an object in a sock and explained how observation was used. In another, we measured a specified volume of water and weighed it, and explained the principle at work. And so on. The second half of the final was a quickie set of multiple-guess questions covering the content of the student presentations. I think I did fine, though in this class the take-home section has always been my downfall.

The problem is that I currently have 762 points out of the possible 800 to date. This translates to 95%. Since the final is 200 points, it will only bring my grade down unless I get a near-perfect score. Lame.

But all that aside, cry huzzah! For my second semester in the elementary teacher certification program is over! Grades will be posted at the end of next week.


I called Spooky again and left a somewhat chilly, but bemused and tentatively receptive, message, basically saying that I didn't understand why she was ignoring me. (See Chance: Cool, totally unable to keep.) She called back a bit later and we talked a bit. Nothing at all has been resolved --- she said she just hasn't known what to say to me the past three days --- but at least lines of communication are back open.

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