Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You're gonna get yourself a schoolin'

If she looks in your face and melts in her place
Let her melt!...
If you think it's funny,
It ain't funny!...
If she calls you up on the phone, and says
"Oh, darling, are you all alone?"
Tell her, No, you got five women with you!
--- Louis Jordan, "Beware (Brother Beware)"

Despite a complete lack of practice or preparation, the Science Methods presentation on TEKS 4.4A (arrays and area models) my partner and I did tonight went very well. Then we had a test, which was a joke: notes and books allowed, and the questions were all fourth-grade math stuff. Oh, and we had the option of declining to answer up to five questions. C'est à rire.

Must write a huge big long book review type paper for Classroom Management. This is the class taught by the same teacher who clearly did not read our previous paper (as Nichole, my Hot Classmate, pointed out to me, there wasn't even a crease under the staple; the pages probably hadn't even been turned). So I'm not too worried about it.

I'll be staying up very late to pound it out, though. That's always a great idea!

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