Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why not be nice to an old engine driver

Her man's been gone
For nearly a year
He was due home yesterday
But he ain't here
--- The Who, "A Quick One, While He's Away"

I thought of this song as I visited Spooky at her place tonight after class. Babydaddy was off at the night shift. (Baby was asleep, of course.)

I heard from classmate T that classmate S is in the hospital. She's anorexic and for the past week ate and drank nothing, not even water. She now has a feeding tube in her nose. That puts this story (in which I inexplicably refer to her as "C") in a different kind of light.

The penultimate Science Methods class was entertaining enough. We revisited the rope trick, and despite getting advice from Kate and searching for more detail on the web, I could not figure out how to do it, and another pair of students beat T and I to the solution. Damn my maladroit hands! I got book larnin', but I could stand to larn a few more things about rope.

Just as the activity began, I looked over at hot classmates Nichols and Scarlett, who were partners, of course. (Seriously, it is hard to overstate how attractive these girls are.) As they put the loops around their wrists and overlapped their ropes, I told them, "I had a dream just like this last night!"

We also made scale models of the Earth and moon with Play-Doh. Interestingly, the moon is a full thirty Earth diameters away from the Earth! Now to me that is counter-intuitive, especially when you realize that the international space station orbits our planet at about one-thousandth that distance. Man, the moon is far away. And compared to Jupiter or even Mars, it's only next door.

Makes you feel so, sort of, insignificant, doesn't it?


The Maddening Angel claims to have broken up with Cokehead. How will this situation develop? And do I care at all? At this remove my infatuation with her from last year seems very bizarre and misplaced. I don't mean to disparage her; she is gorgeous and still one of the sweetest, smartest, most fun people I've ever met. But she's so very young...

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