Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh to be 33 forever

Today's class was Science Methods. Ms. C, ever the hardnose, kept us until 10:00 p.m., 15 minutes later than class is supposed to end. We took a two-question quiz and then there were two "science in the news" presentations (I'm paired with a pretty girl called T, whom I actually know from the Triviabar where she's a waitress --- we're doing ours two weeks from now). We then did an interesting excerise where we paired up, put a long string with loops on each end on our wrists like handcuffs, with each person's string overlapping so we were tied together. No one could figure out how to get free, though Ms. C swears there's an easy way to do it. Then the class split into four groups and did brief lesson plan presentations. Our group did a bit on how air takes up space, and performed the old "upside down cup under water stays dry" trick to demonstrate. I got 5 out of 5 on last week's discussion question. That is all. Lifted weights, made lunch for tomorrow, watched some of Fantastic Four (it's fun!), bed.


Kate said...

I can thank two years of Bridge Builders for the answer to this one: You bend the string, pass it through one person's "cuff," around their hand and back through ... and you're free. :)

I like team-building exercises, except for the one in which we jumped off a ladder and trusted the people at the bottom to catch us. Besides the normal nervousness that comes with standing backwards on a 12-foot ladder, I found it less than inspiring that my team had already dropped three people before it was my turn. The people catching my legs and feet fumbled, but the people catching my upper half did OK, so the net result is that I more or less landed right side up. Still, I don't think I'd do the whole ladder thing over again.

Chance said...

I agree that team-building exercises can be great fun, as long as there's a point and everyone knows why they're participating. I am definitely going to try your rope-cuff answer --- thanks!