Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Monogamy, polyga-you

I was wrong about the reasons for the Maddening Angel's vacation, but the real events are even more sordid. Since this blog is my story and not hers, I'll elide over the details, but note only that the recounting of the story has led to a major detumescence of my heart when it comes to her. No longer, I think, can I find her quite as appealing as before. Now, I knew that this was a girl capable of dating and making out with Guy One, having regular sex but no affection with Guy Two (her ex-boyfriend), and asking out Guys Three to N without qualms. But this story, with its secrecy and infidelity and casual attitudes toward pretty much every aspect of human relationships, put me off. And while she isn't sleeping with everything with two legs, her ideas of sexual relations are very alien to mine. There is now definitely something about her that frankly, sadly, disgusts me, even as I do love and pity her.

I called the Ex to discuss these issues, and she told me she met and had sex with a guy at a New Year's party. Fucking great. She also suggested that, since I'm apparently unlike the rest of humanity in actually expecting sex to be a one partner at a time deal, I should go to the singles group at Church. Do you know, I'm actually considering it.

After work, I went to MA's house to watch two episodes of "Scrubs," our favorite show. It was fun enough, but the playful affection we've shared before when hanging out was conspicuous in its absence tonight, a fact which can be chalked up to any number of factors, including the medicine MA had or had not taken. I left and joined the Friar at the Hangout, and got a peaceful buzz on.

In non-relationship news, I added to my weights, so that the dumbbell is now 53 pounds and the long barbell is 73 pounds. Also, the Job continues to bore me completely.

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