Friday, January 13, 2006

Feeling a bit happier

Off work at 2:00 p.m. as usual, but no night classes to go to! Friday rocks! I went home and took a nap! Whoo!

Ram called me back and left a message. I'm a sap, but it made me happy.

The Maddening Angel and I made plans to see a movie at the theater but instead, it being a full moon and Friday the 13th, I rented some scary movies. We watched The Shining at her place with K. Actually, since we'd all seen it a few times, we didn't watch it so much as talk through it ("How old do you think Jack is in this?" "Shelley Duvall isn't very good looking, but she's also a bad actress." "Do yoo have the shinnin', boy?" "Don't you mean the shining?" "Quiet! D'ye want t'get sued?") We ate pizza and drank a bit and had fun, and watched some TV at K's place.

Then K and I went to Donleavy's and had a drink. Some of her law school friends were there. She told me --- and this was complete news to me --- that when she first met me, MA asked her what she thought of me because "she saw you as a potential suitor."



Gee, if I'd known that then, maybe I'd have been more up front with her about my feelings. But then, she also wasn't over the ex-boyfriend then, anyway. And maybe she decided that I wasn't suitor material after all. (There were more than a few mixed messages from the very start of our relationship.) And maybe it would have ended badly because she's such a social butterfly. I'll never know, will I? The point is that I ought to be honest in everything, not to feign an indifference I don't truly feel in order to protect my pride or whatever. That is in fact one of my New Year's resolutions, and it's why I've been so blantant about calling Ram and telling her that I'm interested in seeing her again.

I have the germ of an idea that when my divorce is final I may ask MA out. But will I? Time will tell.

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Lucy said...

All the best man.....

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