Friday, January 13, 2006

Classroom Management

The fourth and last class of the week is taught by Ms. P. It is Classroom Management, and it requires 20 more hours of public school observation. Ms. P is a principal somewhere in DISD, and seems a bit of a flake (she entered the room with a bright, "Hi, guys!"). We spent the majority of the class playing an inane game where we described ourselves and named everyone else in the room. Then we went over the syllabus. I'm reserving judgement on the class for now. Might be fun; hopefully not a waste of time.

After class I joined the Friar at the Hangout. Then we went elsewhere to see Sonar play. I called the Maddening Angel and she came by with one of her few female friends, stayed for a drink, then left. I was pissy. I can't help it --- I'm consumed with jealousy and resentment. Perhaps I should stop hanging out with her at all.

Inspired by the Flaming Lips song "Fight Test," I called Ram and left a message basically saying that I was calling her even though she never called me back. No reply, of course. Pathetic? Or touching in that Hollywood ending kind of way?

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