Monday, January 09, 2006

Spring 2006 semester begins!

Today was the first day of my new part-time status at the Job. I left at the mercifully early hour of 2:00 p.m. and drove straight to State School.

(But not before trying, one more time, to unburden myself of my feelings to the Maddening Angel. She still didn't get it --- "Are you saying you're a better friend than I am?" Either I am speaking in the most abstruse, convoluted manner imaginable, or she is being deliberately obtuse. "I think you're being deliberately obtuse," I said. "No, you're confusing," she said. But either way, I did feel a tiny bit better after saying some of the things that have been running through my mind all weekend. Ye gods, but she's a gorgeous, spectacular, funny, ditzy girl. Sigh.)

Anyway, I bought books for my four classes --- to the ridiculously inflated tune of $400 --- and then found the building where today's class is. Then I waited around for another three hours. I guess I could have gone home first. I'll be doing that from now on.

The class, Reading I, is taught by Ms. W (coincidentally, the daughter of Mr. A). We spent one soul-stultifying hour going over the syllabus page by page (surely we could simply read it at home, at our leisure?) and then class was dismissed. A rousing start!

Oh, and I called Ram now that she's back in town and she called me back. We talked a very brief time. I feel this road ends in Friendship Town rather than Dateland. Or, more likely, to Strangerville, since she did not return, as she said she would, my later call (which she requested). This bugs me no end.

I started taking Prozac today.

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Kate said...

Let me guess, you assumed Reading I to mean "Reading One." Actually, Reading I means "I will be reading to you, so get out yer books and follow along -- yeehaw!"

While I can't wait to go back to grad school, there are days when I don't miss at all the inaneness of some classes.

Oh, one more thing -- try buying your textbooks online. You don't get instant gratification, but I hear it's a heckuva lot cheaper.