Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'll keep chasing the soles of your shoes

Yesterday at work, relations with MA a bit strained. Today, after a few of my terse, one-word answers, she got mad. I defused the situation a bit with humor (I don't want to lose her as a friend), but my feelings do remain hurt. I'll get over it. She called a couple of times after my shift; I missed the first call, didn't take the second.

I think the Prozac is kicking in. Not only am I less depressed about being alone (I just find myself... indifferent), but little situations at work no longer anger me as much as they used to.

In Math Concepts, we did an exercise where we were supposed to find the triangle that held the least. To my shock, many of my college-age classmates, preparing to be teachers, honestly had no idea how to find the area of a triangle! Many of them simply counted the squares defined by the shapes (they were on grid paper), or even cut them out to see which was bigger. Now, I understand that some of them may have been trying to emulate how a small child would approach the problem, but several of them --- the girl I was paired with, for one --- sincerely had no idea how to do such a simple operation. I am amazed. We spent the majority of the class learning the 14 problem types of Cognitively Guided Instruction.

Oh, and Ms. H. also treated us to some "thinking outside the box" problems (she did last class, too, but I forgot them). Here's one: a man afraid to come home, and another man is wearing a mask. I thought one student's idea that there was a fumigator at the first man's house was quite ingenious, but the "real" answer is [highlight to reveal] that they're playing baseball.

Here's another: a man left for a four-day trip. He was gone a total of four days. He left on Friday and returned on Friday. How can this be? This one is tough; the answer is: he rode on a horse named Friday.


After class, I drove to the Hangout and joined the Friar and L. I meant to stay for just one drink, but some CPA guy we met insisted on buying us a round, and then the three of us tried to hit the #1 spot on every video trivia category (a feat we failed at in only one category, "Weird 'n' Wild"). While there, I called MA and left a message. I want to dial down my enthusiam for her, but I don't want to be a prick about it, either.

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