Tuesday, January 24, 2006

With his cheeks in a chunk and his cheese in his cash

I went to work, came home, had a quick nap, ate a little bit of cheese and ham, then went to State School around 5:00 p.m. to meet T at the library. We chose a science-related article from the news for our report (an interesting thing about ants teaching other ants how to find food). That done, we hung out for a while before class. She showed me where to get a campus ID, so I got one (now I can see movies at a discount!). Then we went to a place called "The Pub," a hangout that, while physically resembling a pub in its use of wood and glass, actually serves only coffee and tea. Since T works at a bar, she found this very amusing. I got passion iced tea, a drink that I remarked was extremely homosexual. She thought this was amusing as well, which gives her bonus points in my book. Then we went to class, Science Methods.

Class consisted mostly of small groups practicing various science processes at five stations. We observed a lot. We inferred the hell out of an old log. We measured the bejeezus out of a dripping faucet. We classified the shit out of a rock collection. And so on.

After class, I called the Friar and met him at the Hangout. We played some gender-based trivia game with two of the waitresses there. I'm afraid that, although we did triumph a few times, they beat us more often than not. The place got very crowded with University kids, so we went to that burger place he loves so much and got cheese fries and chicken strips. And ranch dipping sauce. How fattening and sodium-laden. It was deliciously disgusting. The Friar talked to me a bit about hiring me to do some artwork for his label. I could do that.

T and I played phone tag for a bit, to see if she'd come to the Hangout too, but she chose another place and I went home, slightly tipsy and bloated from fatty carbs.

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