Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Digging deeper holes for the future

I went out with the Maddening Angel and K to TriviaBar after work. She had a date lined up with yet another guy, this one a guy she's known since 9th grade. Christ, it's one after the other with not a single fucking day between the guys for her! I flipped out and in her car I told her I was jealous of everyone and everything that took her away from time with me and she still didn't get it or perhaps was just being as polite as she could and said that I needed to find someone. I was angry and distraught and she cancelled her fucking date to come be with me and K and Friar at the Hangout and yet I still got uptight and acted like a prick and she drove off pissed probably back to her date and I fucked everything up. The Friar said I need to get her out of my system "because she's twelve." (She's 22, but yes, she does seem like a kid to us oldsters.) Also K shared some of her opinions on MA and how she's kind of a dope when it comes to dating and relations. I don't care, and I know we'd make a horrible couple and she'd break my heart and she doesn't understand social relations but I can't help it and I'm fucked.


Kate said...

Hi Chance. Thanks for the comments on my blog -- I'm going to stick you on my list, and I look forward to reading more of your stuff. Of course, I'm going to have to meet the players in your little saga (including you). Where are you from? What do you do?

Chance said...

Why thank you very much for reading! For a barebones outline of what I do and where I'm going, might I refer you to my first post (transferred from an earlier blog). The Maddening Angel is a coworker that I'm in unrequited love with. The Friar is a guy I've known since high school (17 years in my case). Others make only intermittent, walk-on appearances.